My name is Pelagia Pais. In 2016, following a few twists of life in previous years (like being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) and the uncovering of childhood sexual abuse (read blog post on this here), I noticed that I no longer recognised who I was and how I was living my life. I left my 14 year career of working in Universities to embark on an individual journey of self-healing, uncovering of my true self and ultimately becoming a Scientist of the Self, myself.

My personal experience is deeply connected to what I offer as an Self Empowerment Coach. I take inspiration from my own life experience to offer you what I once felt missing in my life. Gentle but direct guidance and support in moments of confusion, overwhelm and crisis.

On social media, you will find me sharing on diverse topics. Nature is always present, as well as sharing from my current life experience. I have a blog, which I am hoping will turn into a book. The title is already there: ‘It’s not all happiness and coconuts’.

I describe myself as curious, creative, playful, passionate and warm.

I believe that women can change the world and look forward to guiding and supporting women, like you, into taking your place in this change.

What can you expect from me as my client?

Dedication and support: You are my priority during our sessions. I will be present for you with my listening, my energy and offering a ‘virtual’ holding of your hand into the deepest and painful parts; laughing and celebrating with you on your victories, regardless of their size.

Honesty and openness: I will be honest with you and with what I ‘hear’ behind your words, even when it might be challenging for you to hear this honesty. I am open not only about my stories of success, but also my stories of struggle. I have been where you are now.

Clarity: I am able to translate complex concepts into examples of every day life that everyone can understand. I will use examples from my own life experience. I will give you action steps and some gentle accountability to encourage forward motion.

Endless curiosity: I will be digging into our sessions with lots of questions and curious inquiry. I am fascinated and inspired by people’s stories, motivations and I always learn with them. I bring true interest and active listening.

Playfulness and good humour: All my work comes with a good dose of playfulness. We will work hard but there will always be a place for some lightness and a laugh or two.

Information on my original training can be found here.