Expressing is a magnificent gateway to transformation

Art has been and continues to be a huge part of my healing process. It is part of my passion for expression and how I believe that all forms of expression are portals for incredible and deep healing. I love making art and expressing in other ways, such as movement and voicing.

These forms of expression offer me an opportunity to explore flow, inspiration and they allow me to go into a meditative state where healing takes place in an unconscious way, meaning, I am not aware of what is being healed, but I can sense changes and a different awareness within me.

I also use art as a source of healing for others and I offer this in different ways:

  • I produce Intuitive Energy Art which can be used for further healing and support you on a more subtle level. Each piece is unique to your energy and individual needs and will continue its influence beyond the time we work together. (art work in the banner is an example of one of my Intuitive Energy Art)

  • I offer an Art Expression Workshop where, for 2 hours, we explore your expression through art, without any judgement or expectation. You will not be taught to make art. You can either have no experience or a lot of experience. The aim is to show and guide you on how you can use your intuition to explore your inner landscape and how you can do self-healing through creating art. You will get an interpretation of the work you do as well as any guidance that may surface from the session.
    From this workshop, you will be able to explore your self expression through art, learn how to connect to your intuition and allow it to express itself in this way, use this tool for your own self-healing, bringing better awareness of yourself. (this workshop is offered in person in London or by Skype and is also available to groups)

  • I produce Soul Inspired Art pieces I feel inspired to bring to the world and have available for sale, such as my Earth Goddesses series as well as other inspired pieces.

You can use my offer of a 30 Minute FREE Exploration Call to talk through your interest in my Art Expression Workshop, if you are interested in commissioning an Intuitive Energy Art piece or one of my Soul Inspired Art pieces.

Check my social media to get to see some of my artwork and processes, as well as other personal experiences and moments of inspiration. Links are on the top right corner of this page.

I will be updating these images soon.