10 Minute story: Humour

Mr Humour had a reputation, but hated that reputation. Just because he was Mr Humour, it did not mean that he had to be humorous at all times. It was exhausting and people had expectations of him. He always had to be funny or just very good tempered. But guess what? Guess how Mr. Humour was truly? He was a grumpy old man, even at the ripe age of 25, Mr Humour was really just very grumpy.

This grumpiness only brought him problems. People would complain about him all the time. They would often say: ‘I thought you were going to be a right laugh, and look at you, just look at you and all your grumpiness! You should be called Mr Grumpy instead.’

It wore him down, made him even grumpier. Why do people have to take everything so literally?

He was walking down the street, minding his own business and just feeling grumpy when he bumped into this other guy. This guy, he looked absolutely miserable! His clothes were grey and used, in contrast to Mr Humour’s garish attire (it came with the name, if you were called Mr Humour, you had to wear these humorous clothes).

Mr Humour excused himself and mumbled something grumpy while the other guy said a very bright: ‘Good morning! Isn’t this a very fine day? Look at the sky. Do you want to hear a joke?’.

They looked at each other closely. Circled each other out. Observed their attires and their facial expression and suddenly both had the same idea! They were opposite twins of each other! What are the chances of you meeting your opposite twin of each other? Very very rare. But yet, here they were both with a massive smile on their face. They knew the importance of finding this one person who would be the absolute mirror opposite of yourself and what a privilege it was to find it. They were aware of its rarity and suddenly a bright spark exploded between them. It went like a flash and came from both their hearts. They recognised each other and nothing else seemed to matter.