10 Minute story: Ivy

Ivy wanted to take over the world. She was an ambitious plant. She had many plans for the future and a massive spreadsheet with all the steps to get there. Right now she was working on this bit of a wall, she was stretching herself everyday and soon, she thought, she would be all over that bit of wall. It will all be hers!

After she conquers that bit of wall, she will take on the next bit. Her mum keeps explaining to her that she will grow naturally and that she does not have to put so much effort into doing it, but Ivy is not paying any attention to that. She knows she can do much better than all the other ivys and that she will do a better job too. This wall is only the start. The next step on the spreadsheet is the big gate in the house, she will be taking over that very soon. And after, it will be the car parked in the entrance. She looks forward to going into the house. That, for her, is the most exciting bit. She’s been keeping an eye on this beautiful four poster bed. She wants to be all over that bed badly. She wants to wrap herself around its frame, caress the cover… She fantasises about it all the time.

The bed however, is not her final stop. Once she is all over the house, inside and outside, she will be going on to the neighbours. They have a pond, where she wants to stretch over it. After that, the whole neighbourhood and pretty much the whole world.

She is absolutely convinced that she can do it all and that she can do it all on her own. After all, look at her, she is so young and vibrant and is intelligent and has ambitions. She has made all these plans not only in her head but also on her spreadsheet and her mood board. She is looking forward to spreading herself to all these new countries all over the world. She has a map in her room and she has already established a route for her success. She is going to be the best ivy in the world. Everyone will adore her and admire her. People will travel around to come and see her work. Can you imagine a whole world covered with ivy? It would be beautifully green and luscious. She cannot wait to show the results to her mum.