10 Minute story: Spider

The spider lead a very lonely life. She spent all her day weaving her web. She would make these beautiful and intricate patterns take photos and post it on Instagram. She used to get quite a lot of likes for her photos and work, but she still felt lonely. The Instagram likes just did not fill her heart with love, they made her feel even more lonely.

She craved to meet other fellow spiders like her, who liked weaving beautiful and intricate webs. But all the other spiders she knew all really only cared to do their normal boring webs, catch their prey and start again. They did not like her webs and they made fun of her. She was smaller than other spiders, she did not get to eat many other flies and insects, she was busier weaving for her own pleasure. She got bullied at web building school. She would spend far too long in inefficient web building and therefore did not catch much. She barely scraped a pass at school.

One day, she was busy building, what she thought was one of the most beautiful creations she had ever done. When this flying cockroach came straight into her web. He was panicked to start but when he looked around and started looking at the beautiful web around him, he stopped. He was taken by the beauty that surrounded him. He asked out loud: ‘who built this wonderful web? It is so comfortable and beautiful. I want to stay here and stare at it for ages!’

The little spider came out of her hiding and said that she had built it. She also said that no one had ever said anything like that about her web. As she helped him get unstuck and unravelled, they started talking. He loved to see other spiders’ webs, but this one was just simply too stunning and he was so happy to have clumsily bumped into it. He normally is quite careful to avoid them, but he was pleased for the first time in his life for having been caught in one. He was also very apologetic for having messed her beautiful work.