Tiredness and self-care

I feel tired, my body feels tired and so does my mind. We are all tired.  

This has been an incredibly busy year for me. A year of learning, processing and most importantly of change.  

And now, the year is coming close to an end and it feels like I am so close to the finish line but not quite there. The tiredness increases with this awareness.  

A big part of my life is also coming to an end. Back in September I resigned from a job I was doing for 6 years and from a University I had been working for 9 years. It is a long, long time.  

The job is still interesting and challenging but I have done all I could do with it and I now want to invest my energy on something I am passionate about.  

If only I did not feel soooo tired... Self care in the coming weeks will be my priority above everything else. I've instituted a nap as soon as I get home from work. If I manage to do other things, great, if not, also great.  

I'm thinking of going to that restorative yoga class again this Friday. I'll be doing my Mandala Wednesday tomorrow and see what other creative design comes out. 

Right now, as soon as my body feels tired, I rest it. If I have energy I'll move it or do something creative.  

Do you prioritise self-care? What things do you do to take care of yourself?