Journeying within and writing

I feel that this has been coming together for some time. Back in July, I received a clear message that I must write more, that I must share my ‘voice’.

I started writing more social media posts, exploring expressing myself and what I was experiencing with the written word.

The message to write and share my ‘voice’ continued to show up in many ways in the months after. I carried on writing.

Just before the beginning of November and attending the Vipassana Meditation retreat, I had started understanding how during this year I had allowed myself to disperse my energy and direction. Even though I had set myself to live this year in a very different way, I kept doubting about what I should be doing. Over and over and over… Should I just go back to work full time? Should I work part time? Should I be a professional dog sitter and dog walker? Same questions, many times. Every time, I would be sent on a whirlwind of doubt. When I finally was able to understand what was happening and get back to my heart and inner knowing, the answer was: what you are currently doing is the right thing for you. A lot of time and energy was spent in these moments.

During the Vipassana Meditation Retreat, I witnessed my own determination to go deeper within me and make the best of that opportunity. I experienced what it meant to stay present with myself, I learnt what it was to notice what was happening within me, I felt and watched the struggle and discomfort but stayed present.

I have had these realisations in the last couple of weeks. Even though certain areas of my current life seem to be leading me to the edge of a cliff, I feel more determined than ever to be on the path I am currently on and nothing else.

I am committed to being an Intuitive Guide.
I am committed to being an Intuitive Artist.
I am committed to writing and sharing my ‘voice’.
I am committed to supporting women to change the world and that includes myself.

In the last week, something became very clear: I am to write. Regardless of what the result is, I am to write. Not just posts.

I realise that my head is full of memories, insights, stories, theories and what I must do now is write them all.

Healing needs to happen in regards writing, and the best way to do this, is to show up to writing every day.

I am to let go and release all these memories, insights, stories and theories. I have been holding on to them for too long. There will be no censoring for now. It is just a purging, a birthing of all the things I feel pregnant with.

This winter I am journeying deep within. I am excavating and bringing out everything that is there.

What happens next and what happens with what is brought out into paper, I do not need to worry about. When the time comes to face that part, I trust that I will know what to do and be guided in the right direction.

For now, I am feeling a sense of going in for the winter months, of creating time and space that feels nurturing and supportive of what I aim to do, wherever I am. 

In practical terms, this means that I will be dedicating more of my time writing and have decreased my availability for Intuitive Guidance Sessions for two days a week. I am still available for these and look forward to connecting with you if you feel that I am the right person to support you on your own deep journey within.

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My Women’s Circles, workshops and other plans will be put on hold for the moment. There is only one direction for now.

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