‘Inspired by the heart’ A poem by Emma Stott

‘Let me find my heart amongst the madness

Let me sit and feel some of this sadness

Let me know the difference between right and wrong

Let me be moved to dance by the dawn birds song

Let me walk the rocky road ahead

And be present strong guided and lead

Let me come home to myself every night

Strong in stillness open to the light 🌟’

I received this poem from Emma after I shared one of mine: 'In Stillness'.

I met Emma Stott in Koh Phangan, Thailand in some of my Art Expression Workshops in 2017.

My heart expands in happiness when reading these words. My sharing and expression inspired and opened the possibility of others doing the same. Isn't this wonderful?

Up to very recently I had not a great view of poetry. Until I met someone who is writing and performing poetry (my good friend @derek.dohren) and all of a sudden I realised that there is poetry in many things and that sometimes, out of me, at unexpected times and not much effort, words pour out. Who would have thought? I hadn’t, until the first time it happened and until I realised how poetry can be about normal life or experiences.

Who or what do you find inspiring in your life right now? And how does it/them inspire you?

May this flow of possibilities inspire you too.