A Message: This is a time...

This is a time where individuals like me and you are being encouraged, lead, guided to go within for all the wisdom and all the answers we need for ourselves.

This is the guidance I have been receiving and which I resonate deeply with.

Humans are being taught in many different ways, to follow their own guidance in an independent way. How to independently figure out what resonates and what doesn’t. On how to feel inspired and learn from many different aspects of everyday life. There are lessons to be learnt everywhere around us and it only takes paying attention.

The aim is not to start ignoring others or any teachings; it’s about being able to listen to any teaching we may feel called to, and be able to discern what feels right to follow or retain and what does not. Trusting that life will bring about all the experiences and opportunities for growth each of us needs.

There is nothing wrong with seeking but I believe it is time for being, sensing, training our intuition, acknowledging all aspects of ourselves, feeling all our emotions regardless of the positive or negative label.

It is a time for a new level of trust. Trusting ourselves, trusting others, trusting life.

It is a time for listening carefully. To experiment balancing being quiet and present within and be quiet and present for others. To listen and to share; to be inspired and to inspire.

I believe we are each others greatest teachers and it is up to each of us to be more attuned to this and allow for space to learn from others, our fellow human beings. It is an exchange of listening and sharing. Taking turns to voice these teachings.

Each person’s life experience has enormous teaching opportunities for another person’s growth and healing.

Practice being open, honest, vulnerable. Start with people you trust. Gain confidence that your life experience is of interest to some people on the planet. Trust that this story will reach the right people, will create change in their lives, it will create ripples of change. Trust that this too will have an impact on every aspect of the healing of the world. That each of us, following our interests and passions, will have so much impact from just doing that.

The world needs people who are aware of themselves, who are willing to open up and follow their inner guidance.

Nothing is to be followed blindly; everything is to be questioned by your own internal truth. It is ok for that truth to be one, one day and different next month. We are constantly changing and evolving. Change is a teacher. Change will help you grow.

I believe this to be an important transition on the planet, one that will bring about amazing transformation.