Invitation to Shine

I invite you to make 30 minutes of your day available. Put your phone on silence, close the door behind you. 

Lay down on your yoga mat or lay down on your bed. Your legs are comfortably open with your feet dropping to the side. Your arms are open to the sides and your hands are open facing upwards. You lips are slightly parted. 

Take three breaths. Inhaling through the nose and allowing a long deep sigh to come out from your mouth, feeling your body relax more and more with each breath. 

Choose if you would like to listen to the music on your headphones or a speaker. Find the right volume for you and then put it a little bit higher.

Ideally, don’t look at the songs on the playlist and allow yourself to be taken by surprise by the sounds. Be curious as to how your body and your system will react to this music. 

Press PLAY....

At the end, stretch as much as you’d like and do what feels right for you. Bet it jump out and do something else; sit and write about what you experienced; or just stay there for a bit longer noticing your body and then taking a nap. 

May you be happy, may you be free, may you be your true self. 

What did you experience? Where did this playlist take you? I would love to hear from you.