Looking for support

I would now like to talk about support. A few weeks back I wrote a post ‘Who am I’ (https://www.pelagiapais.com/blog/2018/9/12/who-am-i) telling my story so far. It is a long post and right at the end I added this bit that follows. It feels really vulnerable to ask for support and I have a fear of being judged for this, but I feel it is time to ask for support following my dream, because I do not have to do this on my own.

Living a life following flow, signs from the Universe and my own inner wisdom does not follow plans. There is always a bigger picture and plan, but I do not have control over this. I control my choices, by that, I mean that I have choices and I can choose what to follow and what my next steps are. I always have choice.

I want to choose to continue to live my life in the way I am currently doing. For this, I will need your help and support. I will be setting up a Patreon page in the coming months, which I am hoping will help me achieve my choice and make it more sustainable for the future and for as long as it is needed. For now, I would like to ask you to support my personal life project and choice with whatever donation you think you can at the moment.

Why am I asking for your financial support? I am choosing to live life in this way because I truly believe I have something special to offer the world. At the moment I am able to reach people I have encountered on my journey but I would like to reach a much wider audience as I think I can offer many more women something of value, not only with what I do as an Intuitive Guide & Artist, but with sharing my story and the way I am living with people all over the world, in a way that inspires them and ultimately that I can, in my own way, change the world.

Ultimately, I believe my task in this life is to work with and heal the Feminine. What this means in more practical terms, I am yet to fully find out, I am only just starting to unpack this. I want to be able to explore this and much more and at this point in my journey I would like to invite you to support this new way of living on a financial level. If you feel called to, you can send a donation to mypaypall account: https://www.paypal.me/PelagiaPais

The projects I currently need support with are:

Women's Circles 2018:

Space rental for 3 months: £240 for three 4 hour slots for the month of September, October and November

Material: £180 for general material for the running of these three Circles

Publicity: Facebook ads £150 for advertising these three Circles

Total: £570

Projects for 2019:
10 Women’s Circles
5 Workshops

I will be adding more details to these in the coming weeks as I get more clarity into what areas I need support in. Helping me pay for space and advertising in my business is a start and this means that what I receive from participants supports other areas of my life. I would also like to offer spaces in some of my workshops at a discounted price for some women and your support can help me with that too.

I thank you for reading this. I thank you for following this journey with me. I thank you for your support at all levels, be it by reading, liking my posts, sharing or coming to my events.