Season Greetings

Season Greetings

I had prepared a nice graphic with the 'normal' and expected Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message and was about to write something but nothing felt honest and authentic within me. So here is what came up…

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10 Minutes Story: Bruce

Bruce absolutely loved this time of year! He could feel the weather getting colder and he knew that sooner or later he would be reunited with his old friends as well as displayed in the very best location in the house. He was very proud of his branches, which after so many years were still lushingly green in a great imitation of a real tree. 

He was looking forward to being reunited with his greatest friends: the baubles, tinsel, the lights, angels and the brightest star. They would have long chats into the night noticing and commenting on the changes they would see in the family they lived with. He had a bit of a thing for the star that was always displayed so proudly by him right at the top. They would keep talking even longer than all the others. They would share their dreams of one day coming to be real humans and all the different things they would like to do. 

The day finally came and he could hear Helen coming up to the attic followed by the kids. They were terribly excited and brought down all of them in their different boxes. In no time they were all set up. There were some new additions to the decorations and Bruce looked forward to spending time with them and get to know them. Presents started being put under him, it looked like this Christmas was going to be a good one!