Taking up space

How many times, as a woman, have you had to physically, and probably energetically, try to shrink yourself to fit? How many times did you dim yourself, so someone could feel better about themselves?

This has happened to me many times throughout my life. Most of the time I did not even notice. When I look back to certain situations and memories, I can see it now. In fact, this behaviour is still so ingrained in me that I still do it.

For some months now, I have been practicing and imagining my energy to expand. I start by imagining it all around my body, then I make it bigger and fit the room I am in, then I make it the size of the house or building I am in, then I expand it to the town or city I am in, to the UK and ultimately I imagine my energy is surrounding the whole planet. I started practicing this when one day I questioned myself if it was ok to be expanded, and then the answer came straight away, it was clear: of course that being expanded is the best way to be! The energy flows out and if I am worrying about being protected, well, if the energy is constantly expanding out, then nothing has the time to get very close to me. When I am in contraction, and being fearful and keeping my energy close to my body, then it feels more vulnerable and that other energies can come in my direction. The purpose of this exercise was not because I wanted protection, it was because I was trying to see who I was and how I fit in the world. In terms of protection, I rather believe in trust instead of being in fear of something or someone getting to me, but that is another subject to explore another time.

A couple of weekends ago, I shared I was in a workshop, and one of the first exercises we did was to explore leadership in the feminine. The exercise we did was exactly the one of expanding our energy. In the context of this workshop, it was to encourage us to take up energetic space in the world, to walk in our daily life consciously with our energy big and expanded. Can you see how this could actually change the way you feel, walk, talk and do everything in your life as a woman?

I have been noticing my energy more and I notice that my normal state is my energy being a little bit retracted. When I notice it, I take a deep breath and when I breathe out, I imagine my energy field expanding infinitely around me. I immediately feel relief and that this is supposed to be my natural state. It feels so good. Will you try it? When you do, will you share how it felt and if you noticed anything different when other people interacted with you?

Maybe next time you have an interview, a difficult conversation or any other challenging situation, you could imagine your energy field expanding around you and see what happens. I would love to know more.

Let's take up space, there is enough for everyone.

Little steps that can help you to change the world.