My Experience: Vipassana Meditation 10 Silent Retreat

In the beginning of November I set out to attend a Vipassana Meditation 10 day Silent Retreat. While there, spending many many daily hours attempting to put the techniques we were taught into practice, I had a constant 'narrator' in my brain trying to memorise all the important parts of my experience, so I could share with you after. The call to make this video was so big that only after putting all the ideas into paper, I gained some peace of mind and emptied out my brain. We are not allowed to write or be on social media or event speak during this retreat. A lot of time was spent in my head and some time was spent trying to sense my body, just like the techniques teaches. Anyway, the video is a bit long but hopefully you will enjoy it and find it useful. 

I would love to hear from you! Have you been to one? What was your experience? Are you thinking of going to one? Does this video help making your decision? 

Contents of the video


What is Vipassana Meditation?: minute 1.20

What happens at a 10 silent retreat?: minute 3.18

Why did I decide to go to one?: minute 6.04

My experience: silence: minute 8.39

My experience: with the meditation technique: minute 14.03

My experience: what did not go so well for me: minute 36.12

My experience: what have I taken from it so far: minute 40.54

Thank you and more: minute 41.36

Hear from you: minute 43.15

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