Words that changed my life

  •  You do not have to be fully healed to be a healer, you only need to be a few steps ahead.

  • The feminine way is about being, not doing

  • Be curious with all aspects of life - practice starting your sentences with: 'I wonder...'

  • It's as important to explore the light, as much as it is, to explore the shadow aspects of self

  • The answers are all inside you, literally

  • Choose from a place of love and not from a place of fear

  • The power of creating from stillness

  • Follow where the energy is or follow your joy or both

  • Fear = Courage = Growth

    In moments in my life where I was feeling small, had self doubt, felt low self-worth or when I've had to stop for lack of knowing where to go next, these words have either been passed on by someone through coaching, conversation or by reading them somewhere, when I most needed them. These, and many other words have stuck and since then, in all the above moments that continue to show up in my life, they crop up in my mind and provide the light/incentive/ignition/inspiration for me to move forward and connect to that part of me that 'knows'. 

    What are the words or quotes that inspire you?

    Please note that all of these are paraphrasing actual quotes as I do not know them in their original form or context. Often they were said to me or I heard them or read them somewhere. 

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