I work with the Givers. I work with the Mothers.
I work with the Business Women. I work with the Healers.

You could be one of these, you could be a combination of these.

On the outside, you have everything that is supposed to make you happy. You have it all, yet still feel like something is missing. Like there is an empty space within you.

You long to feel complete.

I’m here to hold a nurturing space for you to explore, expand and express your true self.

I’m here to listen deeply to your dreams, desires, fears and anxieties.

I’m here to witness all of your flavours, all of your emotional states, without judgement.

I’m here to watch you grow, flourish, expand and feel empowered.

I’m here to help you see the best and the worst in you and find the love within you to love the whole of yourself, both on the inside and the outside.

All the work happens deep inside of you. It will have many ripples, but ultimately, the biggest impact will be how you feel, how you see yourself, how empowered you feel and much more.

Connecting more deeply with yourself and with the ancient wisdom of the Feminine, which already resides within you. Allowing all the gifts to surface, allowing your authentic self to come to the surface of your being. For you to finally feel more comfortable with yourself in all aspects of your life.

When we finish, I know that you will have all the tools to lead a life full of confidence, knowledge, wisdom, emotional resilience, and much more, that lead you to living your best life. Feeling complete, empowered, satiated, happy and confident.

Where do I start?

You book an Initial Session of 1 hour with me. It will be voice only, on Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp.

This Initial Session will give you an idea of what it is like to work with me and I will also get to know you a little bit.

After this Initial Session, you can book individual sessions whenever you would like to, or we can journey together for a longer period, on a unique journey created just for you.



Initial Session - 1 hour - £120*

Further individual sessions:

1 hour - £120*

1.5 hours - £180*

Unique Journey prices:

After your Initial Session, I will get in touch with you with a quote for a Unique Journey created just for you and to cater your needs.

*I offer a tier payment system with different prices for different pockets. Please get in touch if you would like to be quoted a lower tier price. Email me: pelagiapais@gmail.com