From feeling stuck, lost, longing for something else…

From feeling stuck, lost, longing for something else…

Transforming lives from overwhelm to resilience

I work with Women going through times of change and transformation in their lives. My job as an Intuitive Guide is to help and support you in connecting better to yourself and helping you find individual ways of reaching balance and resilience in your everyday life experience.

What is Intuitive Guidance?

It is a combination of healing techniques. It is strongly guided by my Intuition, but it has other aspects that I have drawn from my own inherent gifts, from training, as well as from healing techniques I have experienced myself.

A session may combine several of the elements you will see described below, or we may just focus on one of them. I use my intuition to guide me into each individual session as well as being guided by your needs. We can go as fast or as slow as you need and are ready for.

My guidance will always have practical aspects of everyday life. It is based on your own experience, uniquely designed and delivered to you. I honour the difference and the uniqueness of YOU.

My offer as an Intuitive Guide, is to support you through whatever you may be struggling with, from the smallest to the biggest challenge. I offer gentle but direct guidance and support in moments of confusion, overwhelm and crisis.
I will be an independent ally, listening deeply, noticing, supporting and guiding you through whatever is happening in your life.

How does Intuitive Guidance works and how can it help you?

My Intuition and Conscious Conversation mixes active deep listening and noticing. I sense the right thing to say or question to ask, as well as understanding the messages and patterns behind what you share, and the way you are living your life now. This offers you a better awareness of yourself and the patterns present in your life, often things that you are not consciously aware of.

Energy Healing and Music work to clear hidden energetic blocks. The playlists I put together creates a sound healing journey that assists the energetic work. Both of these will bring about healing on an energetic and physical level that will support your process as whole.

Scientist of the Self: This is my signature concept, honed through years of self-exploration. Being a Scientist of the Self means that you take a separate role within yourself and become an observer of your own living experience. After all, you are the most absolute expert at being you. I guide you through learning how to be the Scientist of Yourself, allowing you to become aware. From awareness, comes choice, followed by empowerment and resilience to life’s many twists and turns.

Ultimately, at the end of our time working and journeying together, you will feel clearer, more confident and able to make the best choices for you to lead a purposeful, happy, abundant and fulfilling every day life. 

What can you expect from me as my client?

Dedication and support: You are my priority during our sessions. I will be present for you with my listening, my energy and offering a ‘virtual’ holding of your hand into the deepest and painful parts; laughing and celebrating with you on your victories, regardless of their size.

Honesty and openness: I will be honest with you and with what I ‘hear’ behind your words, even when it might be challenging for you to hear this honesty. I am open not only about my stories of success, but also my stories of struggle. I have been where you are now.

Clarity: I am able to translate complex concepts into examples of everyday life that everyone can understand. I will use examples from my own life experience. I will give you action steps and some gentle accountability to encourage forward motion.

Endless curiosity: I will be digging into our sessions with lots of questions and curious inquiry. I am fascinated and inspired by people’s stories, motivations and I always learn with them. I bring true interest and active listening.

Playfulness and good humour: All my work comes with a good dose of playfulness. We will work hard but there will always be a place for some lightness and a laugh or two.

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To feeling expanded, free, happy and confident.

To feeling expanded, free, happy and confident.

Important notes

  1. If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapy.

  2. An Intuitive Guidance session is not a diagnostic method, a medical treatment or a cure. If you have a health or mental health problem, please make sure to seek a medical professional.

  3. That you take full responsibility for your healing, health, decisions and actions.

  4. That you assume all responsibility for any outcomes, or lack of outcomes and do not hold me, Pelagia Pais, accountable.