What is an Intuitive Guidance Session?
I have merged a series of healing techniques I have experienced for myself, into something I call Intuitive Guidance. I may use all of them in one session or one of the following. I use my intuition to guide me into what is needed for each session and we both go on a journey of exploration together. 

These sessions are designed to be provided over the phone. Sessions are also available in person, contact Pelagia directly for a quote.

My Intuitive Guidance Sessions can be formed of the following:

  • Connection & Intuition: I connect to you energetically and have access, through this connection, to what you are ready to explore, learn and let go. I use my intuition to guide me and you through the journey.

  • Energy healing: it works by creating a state of deep relaxation of the body and mind, it encourages the body to self-heal.

  • Conscious conversation: a chat with me easily sparks change of perception on specific subjects. I ask questions, share, follow lines of inquiry and explore the issues, emotions, symptoms, sensations, memories that come up.

  • Music: I have created musical playlists that support the session through a sound journey.

  • Guided visualisation: I guide you to explore different scenarios in your life or I encourage you to visualise specific emotions or pain in the body.

  • Touch: by distance, I may ask you to touch different parts of your body in order to better connect with that specific area and listen to whatever message it may be ready to give you. In person, I touch different parts of the body I intuitively feel called to do, releasing any energy blocks and aiding a better flow of the energy in your body.

What happens in an Intuitive Guidance Session and what are the benefits?
We go on a journey together supported by music. I connect to your energy, feel, sense, listen to what is relevant to you in the moment. I guide with words, I ask questions, we explore together what is behind what originally comes up. We go very deep very quickly. With my guidance and the help of your intuition we start removing whatever layers present to us. We start making connections, sometimes to the distant past, other times to more recent events. We join the dots and we find the pieces of the puzzle that may be missing. 
We find answers, we find reasons, we find the messages behind those sometimes difficult emotions, memories, beliefs. We look at it from a different perspective and we explore what different avenues open up into your life, you get to look at the bigger picture. Things become clearer. There is lightness, understanding and relief. 
We go again, and again. We peel layers, you become aware. Awareness brings you clarity and brings you choices.  
You learn to connect to your intuition and learn to listen and discern what your inner wisdom is telling you and wishing to guide you.
At the end of the session you feel deeply relaxed, you have a quiet mind and you feel lighter. 
During the session you will have access to information that will then help you in your day to day life in making the best choices for you to lead a purposeful, happy, abundant and fulfilling life. 

How long is an Intuitive Guidance Session?
I recommend you booking a 90 minutes session as ideal but I am now offering this at an hourly rate (check price list) and you could even book a session for 30 minutes. Depending on time available the session may be include different aspects of what I offer.

These sessions are designed to be provided over the phone. If you would like to find out more about working with me and what benefits it can bring you, book a free 30 minute Exploration Call with on my booking page.

If you would like to book a session in person, please contact me directly for a quote as prices are different.

Check out the testimonials page here on my website or on my Facebook page, for some of what my clients have said of their experience working with me.

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Important Notes

  1. If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapy.

  2. Energy Healing supports medical or supplemental healing methods a client may be using and is of growing interest to chiropractors, medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and hypnotherapists.

  3. Please note there are no recorded contra indications for Energy Healing.