These are a sample of the several testimonials I have received about my work. You can also find more of them on my facebook page (select the 'most recent' ones for the full list).

Intuitive Guidance

'I just had a beautiful energy session with Pelagia. She is extremely intuitive and gentle. She took me on a journey through my past and helped me to see a lifelong pattern that I have been carrying out in my relationships. As a Reiki Master /Energy Healer myself, I am discerning of others skills. This woman is the real deal! I feel lighter and more in love with myself than ever!'
Jen Kohler, USA

'I had a session with Pelagia seeking clarity & empowerment around a new business collaboration opportunity. As a result of the session I got a reminder that the answers are within me and that I need only to be quiet with myself, listen, and trust in my intuition. The best thing about the session was that it was lovely to connect with a sister and have a safe place to dive a bit deeper into myself and feel what I needed. Other benefits include a sense of safety and security in my abilities, release of what doesn’t serve me, re-grounding and achieving a feeling of lightness and flow. I would recommend Pelagia because she has created a safe place to be vulnerable and get a real shift in your mindset/beliefs. She is quite intuitive and can aid your progress through an issue. She is loving and authentic.'
Amanda B., USA

'I had an Intuitive session in November 2017. The rain was intense on the Thai Island, which made me almost cancel my appointment. I am glad I didn't. I was welcomed in the apartment and even though it was an unknown place for me, if felt pleasantly safe. The session was goal orientated but yet it was smoothly going with the flow. In the beginning my mind had unfulfilled expectations and negative thoughts, like doubts. Without knowing what would happen, I felt like being in the dark. Pelágia, with the use of different things, like sound, questions and touch, led me closer to that goal. She helped me identify my own mental obstacles myself which block me from some aspects in life. Hence you can only overcome an obstacle that you are aware of.
After the session I didn't just feel better, I knew why I felt better and how to maintain it. At the end of the day, that is what I want most: more insight about myself to improve my day to day life and Pelágia gave this to me.'

Stan L., from the Netherlands at Koh Phangan, Thailand

'Today Pelagia did her first session back in London with me and she managed to break open my shell and help me unravel some of the confusing emotions I was feeling. She created such a safe space that I didn't feel self-conscious at any moment. A lot came up and I booked a follow-up appointment straight away. Her way of working works for me.
Lola M., London, UK

'I had a couple of sessions with Pelagia! She's an AMAZING Intuitive Healer! What she said to me was very accurate and it helped me to understand with more clarity my blockages and to work with them! She does a very authentic way of healing! Using her Intuition and channeling the energy of the moment! She creates a very safe and Sacred space for the any healing to take place! Feeling her loving and warm energy, and pure intentions, when going through painful processes helped me to feel safe, loved and protected! The sessions were just PERFECT and I received just what I needed at those particular times!!! - A very connected, kind, giving and PURE Soul! I am very grateful to have met you Pelagia! Keep sharing your Gifts 🌟Beautiful Light Warrior!!!'
Paz S., from Spain at Koh Phangan,Thailand

'I found the distant healing sessions very powerful and effective. In fact at least as much if not more than in person sessions. With distant healing, I was able to focus my whole attention on myself and be fully aware of the sensations without being distracted with what the healer was doing. You also feel completely relaxed and there is no fear or need to feel self- conscious, whilst still connecting and receiving the energies. 
I have had many distant healing sessions with Pelagia and would whole-heartedly recommend her'

Viswas D. - Distant Reiki from UK to New Zealand/Thailand to New Zealand.

'Pelagia is a powerful woman with a gentle and respectful touch. I have known her for a while and experienced how intuitive she is and having had two treatments know from my own experience her ability to release energy blocks and re-align flow in the body.'
Hazel C., London, UK

'I've had quite a few reiki treatments with Pelagia now. Each time I've been left with a deep feeling of peace and release, like something has reached right down into the core of me and washed away a layer, that I don't need anymore. There's always a sense of a deeper connection to myself, after and a lightness. I find Pelagia's approach gentle, warm and filled with passion and respect for what she offers and sharing it with others.
The mandala workshop I participated in was instrumental in reigniting my passion for creativity and colour. It wasn't just about the drawing, it was about opening up to something again, letting go of perfectionism and taking a dive into the unknown. Her support and encouragement have been very much appreciated. I would strongly recommend booking a session
Jade A., London, UK

Art Expression Workshop
'Thank you Pelágia for your beautiful interpretation. I think you have a wonderful gift. Your class was amazing; I really enjoyed it! I feel that you created a very warm and safe space for all of us. Your interpretation definitely resonates with me and I feel that it relates to my recent path and my feelings before I left home. When I was home, I felt this void that couldn’t be filled. I knew there was something more than the cookie cutter life style and 9-5 job. I have been searching for what that is for me, what is my passion, what is it that makes me feel truly alive... I’ve been doing a lot of wandering down many different paths in this search and definitely feeling lost at times. My sign is Pisces and like the fish I sometimes feel I am swimming in two opposite directions at once...into the unknown and also back to safety. More recently, since I returned to the island about a month ago, I feel and know I am in the right spot for this moment and I am starting to slowly slowly receive the answers I’ve been searching for. Thank you again for talking the time to share your interpretation with me. I really appreciate it. I’m going to continue drawing. Thank you for inspiring me.'
Kelly T., US