May these inspire you to find your own way to awareness, healing and authentic expression.


Morning Star Practice - Coming soon…

The Morning Star Practice was created by me to help you start the day feeling grounded, connected and centred with your Self. It will be available for purchase at the beginning of September.

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SheSpeaks SheListens

Offers you FREE listening online for women from women.
15 minutes for you to speak about whatever you want to.

An opportunity to release, share, let go, unload, vent, express, celebrate and reflect. No fixing and no advice is given. We just listen!

Self- Healing Tools


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Immerse yourself in the simpler world of shapes, colours, exploration and joy.

Intuitive Art Making

This is a short video giving you a few guidelines of how you can start making your own intuitive art as a form of self-healing. It is a relaxing and meditative practice, bringing space for relaxation and expression, in a non-verbal way.
Art has been and continues to be one of my go to forms of self-healing and expression. Hope you enjoy it!

Self-Healing Playlists

These are some of the playlists I have created on Spotify and that you can use for self-healing. You only have to lay down comfortably, arms and legs apart from the body, hands facing up and allow yourself to be immersed by these sound journeys.

26 minutes

30 minutes

56 minutes