I: a poem

I: a poem

This is a poem I wrote from an intense body sensory experience in Bletchley, February 2018. I will be adding some more of my poetry in the coming days. These pieces have all been written from a place of flow and inspiration, with no planning. I never thought I would be writing poetry, yet, here I am. I hope you enjoy this piece as well as my future ones.

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Restorative Yoga and My Body

Tonight, I was invited to try a class of Restorative Yoga. When I hear the word yoga nowadays, I always think about the 12 poses and how I could never do some of them and how my body hurts just thinking about it.

I somehow got myself out of the house. I was curious about the place where it was taught, Battersea Yoga, as I know someone who works there. The location is lovely, the room where it is taught brings you immediately into a *sigh of relief* kind of mode. The mood lights were set in blue, I like blue. It looked very different from the place I last did yoga in.

I have a lot of pain in my body generally and I have been hosting a lovely cold for several weeks now. My body feels tired and depleted of energy and I really did not feel like a yoga class at all.

The most difficult part, I had already done, which was to get out of the house, so after being reassured that we don’t even get up from the mats, I was in!

Since I have done Nia Technique White Belt, back in April, I try to be as aware of my body as possible, particularly when in movement. So, I made sure I remembered to take care of my body, to listen to it and not push it into anything that gave it uncomfortable pain.

I learnt straight away that we were only going to do about 5 poses in the next 75 minutes, that we were going to hold it for 5 minutes each and allow our bodies to relax deeply in each one of them.

A lot of different panicked thoughts flashed through my head. I could see myself in excruciatingly tangled positions I might not ever be able to get out of or even hold.

I carried on, I surrendered my body, made sure I supported my body with props that allowed for that surrender to happen in comfort and for my body to breath in relief and relax in places I have forgotten existed. My mind was quiet.

One of the only thoughts coming to my mind was: ‘how come I do not do this more often?’ It felt indulgent in the right way, it felt loving towards my body, it felt caring and delicious. I felt mellow and energised at the end. And most of all, I felt grateful for my body, for myself, for friends, for life.

Thank you Gemma!

Battersea Yoga, I shall be back!