Inspired and relieved

I know I keep going on about this workshop I attended. My current life allows me time for exploration, reflection and transformation, yet I have found that this all accelerates when done in a group setting. We lift each other up, inspire and energetically support each other.

This particular workshop made several things clearer for me and has inspired several posts.

Today I want to share how during a particular exercise, I felt inspired and relieved. We were lead by the facilitator, to move in the space and were given some instructions and prompts. At some point we were asked to pair up with another woman and tell her what is the calling of our soul. I had three sentences come out of me, which I have shared in a previous post ('I am here to be big'; 'I am here to bring the feminine into everyday life; 'I am here to heal the feminine'). When I got to the last one, I started crying. Because I was saying it out loud to someone else, because I could feel how it was something that came from the very deep of me and it scared me. It felt ambitious.

A few minutes after sharing and witnessing the other woman's share we were in a circle and we were encouraged to go into the middle of the circle and say our calling out loud. My hand shot up straight away. I needed to say those three sentences out loud quickly, before the voice that questions 'Who do you think you are?' came strong and I lost the courage to own those three sentences and my calling.

I stood in the centre of the circle and I said those sentences. I felt the strength in my voice and the truth in those words as my body felt surrounded by an electrical buzzing energy and I got full body goosebumps. The women around me felt it too.

Every single woman took turns going to the centre of the circle and stating their soul purpose. As I listened to each one of them, I felt their power and strength through my body, I felt the truth of their words, I cried and I felt relief. Every single soul purpose stated is a piece of who I am, and a piece of every single woman in the room and the world. We are all of those: healers, warriors, shadow hunters, galactic mothers, connectors to the ancestors, teachers, witches, truth tellers, sex goddesses, bridges between worlds and much more.’

I felt relief, because I could see that I was not on my own and that I do not have to do everything and be everything (not quite sure why I thought I needed to). Because there are many women out there doing different aspects of the healing of the planet. I could see the strength in these women and I knew that everything is going to be ok. I can go ahead, unpacking my soul purpose of healing the feminine and using the different aspects within me to support different women to reach their full potential, connect to their inner-wisdom and follow their purpose.

Are you one of those women?

Do you feel that you would like to do more in the world and help others?

Do you feel that life seems to be good in general but you are not quite satisfied and fulfilled with it?

Or are you already making a difference but would like to reach further and impact more and more people?

I would love to support you with my unique toolkit. If you would like to explore how we could work together and how I can support you? There is a free 30 minute phone call awaiting you. All you have to do, is book it (check out my booking page for availability).

If you would like to be part of a transformative, connected in person group experience you can join me and other women for a Women’s Circle in Sunday, 30 September at 14.30 in London. More information to come soon. 

Together we can change the world!