A Walk

Next to where I stayed, near Sidmouth, Devon, there were some woods and one morning I decided to go for a walk on my own. We had been shown the walk a few days before and I was confident I could find my way around.

The woods in that area, and maybe just nature in general there, feel very magical. That is the best word I can find for it. There is a special energy in this place.

I was taking photos as I walked and got quite distracted and excited by the rainbow that showed up. To me it said: everything is going to be ok.

I got so distracted that I missed wherever I was supposed to turn and ended up getting lost. Not too lost, as in I still knew I was in the same village, but certainly a part I was unfamiliar with.

My intuition understood at some point that I had gone too far ahead and I decided to turn into a dense wooded forest because it appeared to me a way out. I had to climb a wall (not a very tall one) and eventually found my way back to the house.

In times like this, I connect to my inner child and her sense of adventure and exploration. She had a great time!

What is one of the favourite things your inner child likes doing?

Mine loves exploring and making art.